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We are the Capital Chicks CANberra sharing our stories of conception, pregnancy, motherhood and beyond as we juggle all that's expected of us as chicks, as we wing it each and every day.

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Meet The Chicks.

Meet Nina who is on a mission to conceive and been told her chances will increase if she loses a few kgs. Then there is Prima who has recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes while "hen-in-law" keeps telling her she needs to eat for two! Salima who is a new mum of one, sleep deprived and trying to find her routine, and Tina who has had her hatchlings and now wants to get her post baby body back in shape. Follow these capital chicks as they achieve their goals.

Canberra women are at risk

We don’t want to be Chicken Little and tell you the sky is falling but the reality is, Canberra has one of the highest rates of gestational diabetes in the country. And for women, if you have diabetes when you are pregnant then 50% will develop type 2 diabetes later in life.

But there is good news

Well, here's the good news – with some small adjustments to your lifestyle you can greatly reduce your chances of developing gestational and type 2 diabetes without having to feel you are missing out. We are real chicks too (literally!) and if we can do it, we know you can too.

You can conquer the world

We want to help Canberra women be their happiest, healthiest selves - that's our goal. We know that when women feel healthy, they are confident, vibrant, energetic, joyful, empowered and ready to conquer the world.

And keep it real

Best of all, we are keeping it real. Real advice that works. A community of real women with likeminded goals. Real meal ideas that taste so good you'll think they're naughty. Real ways to get your body moving that is more fun than gruelling and real mindset shifts that prove you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. All with a bunch of laughs thrown in for good measure - after all, laughter is the best medicine.

With all this great stuff and support

  • Access to an online community of ACT women aged 18 years and above
  • Loads of healthy, easy to prepare recipes
  • Expert advice and tips on exercise, nutrition and mindset
  • Easy to access information all from your smart phone
  • Prizes and giveaways on offer
  • Updates on local activities, services and events

That won't cost a pretty penny

Most women think that to look and feel great costs a pretty penny, so that's where the ACT government and ACT health come in. Through their 'Healthy Canberra Grant: Focus on Preventing Diabetes Scheme', women of Canberra are provided with evidence based, credible advice and information brought to you by the expert team at Diabetes NSW & ACT. This means there is no cost to you to access these tools and tips – that's right. Nothing, nada, zip - it's free to women in Canberra.

And helps you achieve your goals

You can achieve your health and wellbeing goals whether it's planning a pregnancy, managing gestational diabetes, losing that post baby weight or just getting fit and healthy.

It's the real deal.

There is so much health advice out there so how do you know this is the real deal? As providers of healthcare services, our responsibility at Diabetes NSW & ACT is to our consumers. It is therefore critically important we provide Canberra women with high quality, safe and effective health and health related advice based on contemporary and evidence-based guidelines. To make you feel comfy - our processes and services align with and support the Australian Charter of Health Care Rights. Our Clinical Governance Framework relates to our pillars of clinical governance - consumer and community participation, clinical effectiveness and quality, an effective workforce and risk management.

Brought to you by the experts

There are no quacks here! All our experts are university trained health professionals who have the knowledge, skills and experience necessary for ensuring all information and advice is delivered in accordance with best practice. All health professionals hold accreditation within their professional body so you can rest assured our advice is good advice.

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"How I wish this was around when I was pregnant. I would have spent less time worrying if I was doing the right thing and more time enjoying my pregnancy. Being connected to real women and feeling supported would have made life much easier!”

Amanda, Casey ACT

Sometimes, all you need is the right information and a little bit of motivation to get started towards your health and wellbeing goals. The Capital Chicks CANberra has been designed to do just that.

Whether you want to connect with other like-minded women, get fit, lose weight, prevent disease or just live healthier and happier – our online community and dedicated experts have you covered in a supportive and non-judgmental online environment.

Brought to you by Diabetes NSW and ACT and proudly funded by the ACT government through the Department of Preventative and Population Health.

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