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The silly season fast is approaching, leaving little time to plan, including the Christmas menu. If you would like some recipe inspiration that takes little time to prepare, then Capital Chicks CANberra Christmas recipe e-book is just what you need.

Inspired by traditional favourites, our resident Dietitian, Rebecca, has created healthy, delicious recipes that you know you can trust. The recipes are perfect for Christmas day or a summer barbecue. From berry pavlova trifle to your humble potato salad, our recipes are healthy enough to be eaten on more than just special occasions. 


5 reasons to download Capital Chicks CANBerra Christmas recipe e-book:


1. Dietitian approved

You can rest assured that the recipes we provide are healthy for you. When developing a new recipe, our resident Dietitian ensures it is nutritionally sound.


2. Time efficient

The silly season is a busy time. Our recipe e-book caters for busy lives so the recipes we select do not require hours of work in the kitchen. All recipes take little time to prepare and cook. 


3. Easy to prepare

We don’t expect you to be a Masterchef to prepare our recipes! Recipes are easy to follow and don’t require 15 ingredients.


4. Seasonal produce

We feature recipes that make the most of summer seasonal produce. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are at their nutritional peak, taste better and is often cheaper.


5. Budget friendly

You won't be seeing any expensive whisky or truffles in our Christmas recipes. We make sure that our recipes use basic ingredients that won't break the bank balance.



Christmas is the time to relax and enjoy good food and company. Finding the time to meal prep or try new inspiring recipes at Christmas isn't always easy. That's why Capital Chicks CANberra had created a Dietitian approved, Christmas recipe e-book that are easy to prepare, budget-friendly and will put you in a festive mood! 

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