We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you understand more about the Capital Chicks CANberra.


How is the Capital Chicks CANberra free?

The Capital Chicks CANberra was originally funded by the ACT Government through the Department of Preventive and Population Health 'Healthy Canberra Grant: Focus on Preventing Diabetes Scheme' which is designed to provide local organisations with the opportunity to deliver health programs and services to the ACT community. Diabetes NSW and ACT is one of these organisations who has received funding to promote gestational diabetes awareness and prevention through 'The Capital Chicks CANberra'. Diabetes NSW & ACT is continuing to fund this innovative program to improve the health of Canberra women.

Once I register, will you spam me?

Not at all. Once you register, you will receive useful tips and advice on health and wellbeing to help you achieve your goals and you can unsubscribe at anytime. We give you choices and communication preferences so you can view the information that is most relevant to you.

Will you sell my details or sell me products?

Your information will not be sold to third parties nor do we intend on selling you products once you register with the Capital Chicks CANberra.

Why is the Capital Chicks only for Canberra and ACT women?

Did you know that Canberra has one of the highest rates of gestational diabetes in the country? Whilst there is no one real cause, there is a lot of evidence that suggests managing your weight, healthy eating and regular exercise can help to improve your chances of preventing gestational diabetes as well as other lifestyle diseases including type 2 diabetes. We are here to help women planning a pregnancy, pregnant, between and post pregnancy give themselves the best chance possible to prevent gestational diabetes.

Why do I have to register for the Capital Chicks CANberra?

By registering for the Capital Chicks CANberra you can access our closed community and create a far more personalised online experience. We can also make you aware of new events, offers, programs, giveaways, recipes, workouts and more as they come available.

Will my details be shared?

Your personal details will remain in the strictest confidence within our online platform.

Is the Capital Chicks a program to which I am committed?

No, Capital Chicks is not a locked in program or course. We understand that women need flexibility to fit in with their own lifestyles, goals and time constraints. That is why we provide you access to all the information, tools, tips, events and you can choose to participate as little or as much as you like.

Is the Capital Chicks a course to which I am committed?

Capital Chicks is not a course. It is an online community where you will have access all the information, tools, tips, events and you can choose to participate as little or as much as you like. Should you choose to incorporate some of these changes into your lifestyle you will find there is a community of supportive and non-judgmental women on the same path.

How do I know the Capital Chicks is a credible source of health information?

Diabetes NSW & ACT, a provider of healthcare services provides high quality, safe and effective health and health related advice based on contemporary and evidence-based guidelines. Our processes and services align with and support the Australian Charter of Health Care Rights. Our team of experts are university qualified, trained in health coaching and have the knowledge, skills and experience necessary for ensuring all information and advice is delivered in accordance with best practice. All health professionals hold accreditation within their professional body.

Do I have to be a mum to be a Capital Chick CANberra?

Not at all. Capital Chicks CANberra is for women planning a pregnancy, who are pregnant, between pregnancies and post pregnancy.

I’d like to provide a giveaway to the Capital Chicks CANberra Community – can I do so?

We’d love your support as would our Capital Chicks! If you would like to provide a giveaway prize, please contact

What is my App kickstart code?

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How do I quit my program?

  1. Log in with your email and password.
  2. Click on ‘My Program’, from the drop-down list choose the program you want to quit.  

  3. Click on the Gear icon .
  4. Select "Cancel Program".

Updating your app

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Apple Health Sleep data syncing with the Springday application

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A note for our valued community:

We are currently in the process of seeking funding opportunities to continue the Capital Chicks CANberra initiative. In the meantime, you may notice the platform is not as dynamic as you’re used to but you still have access to all the Capital Chicks CANberra content you’ve come to know and love.  

Check out the tiles on the home page for content around the four pillars of food, mood, move and me, our library of resources and assessments.

Thank you for your continued support and for being a valuable member of our Capital Chicks community.


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