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Meet The Chicks

Meet Nina who is on a mission to conceive and been told her chances will increase if she loses a few kg’s. Then there is Prima who has recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes while her “hen-in-law” keeps telling her she needs to eat for two! Salima who is a new mum of one, sleep deprived and trying to find her routine, and Tina who has had her hatchlings and now wants to get her post-baby body back in shape. Follow these real chicks as they achieve their goals.


Meet Nina

Nina feels like she has the weight of the hen house on her shoulders. All her friends are hatching chicks and seem to do so effortlessly – for her it isn't happening. Family and friends keep asking when she and her rooster Steve will have a baby which makes her feel the pressure. Everyone keeps telling her to relax which is making her more stressed.


Meet Prima

Prima shares a coup with her mother in law. father in law, sister in law and her husband and they are all excited about her new hatchling. She is newly diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Doctor is telling her to eat less and mother hen is trying to fatten her up. She is unsure whether Mum really knows best.


Meet Salima

This chicken hasn’t come home to roost for many many months while she takes care of baby Ned. She is exhausted so turns to breakfast bars and coffee to get her through to lunchtime. Dinners are chicken nuggets with tomato sauce and leftover kids' yogurt packs. Despite it all, she loves being a mum and dreams of hatchling number 2.


Meet Tina

This wise old hen has been there done that and has her chick -bearing days behind her. Tina wants to get back into her size 12 jeans and be a yummy mummy at the school pick up. She has tried everything to shed a few kilos and wonders if she will every achieve her goals.

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