Capital Chicks aren't afraid to ask for help when needed, especially when services like these exist just for them!

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There are a range of community and government funded support services for women seeking to live healthier happier lives and prevent and manage gestational diabetes.

Asthma Management and Diabetes Prevention

Asthma Australia is set to tackle this over 12 months, thanks to funding from the Healthy Canberra Grants. Women in the ACT with asthma will also be screened for Type 2 diabetes risk factors when they enrolled in their asthma COACH Program®. The COACH Program® is a free clinically proven telehealth service which covers the essentials of asthma and asthma self-management, and focuses on a person’s lifestyle, behaviours and medical history.

To enquire about participating in The COACH Program® service, please call Asthma Australia on the 1 800 ASTHMA helpline (1800 278 462) during business hours.

Nutrition Education and Services

ACT Nutrition Support Service website and Subscription
Website providing credible, easy read nutrition information sheets, a suite of healthy, practical recipes and services including cooking workshops and demonstrations from Accredited Practising Dietitians. Our ‘Mums and Bubs’ section includes specific information for pregnant and breastfeeding mums. ‘Nourishing little minds’ is a free 4 –week program for parents of children aged 0-5 years, establishing positive eating habits for young children.

Contact details:
ACT Nutrition Support Service
Mums and Bubs section Project Dinnertime Nourishing Little Minds

Women’s Health Information

Women's Centre for Health Matters
The Women’s Centre for Health Matters Inc. (WCHM) is a community-based not for profit organisation which works in the ACT and surrounding region to improve women’s health and wellbeing. WHCM includes a variety of resources for ACT women including the ACT Women’s health hub. The Women’s Health Hub is a direct response to the needs expressed by ACT women and published in one of WCHM’s research reports. It is intended to provide links and resources to already-existing, credible and trustworthy information about health, wellbeing and services in the ACT.

Women’ Health Hub:
Women’s Centre for Health Matters:

Having A Baby In Canberra
Having A Baby In Canberra provides comprehensive, local information all in the one place about the options and support available for expectant parents in the ACT and surrounding regions, from planning for your pregnancy through to the first six weeks at home with a baby. Having a baby in Canberra is brought to you by Women’s Centre for Health Matter (WCHM).

Migration support and services

Companion House
Companion House is a community based organisation providing services to adults and children who have sought safety in Australia from persecution, torture and war related trauma. Services include medical, counselling, migration support and community development.

Phone: (02) 6251 4550
Address: 41 Templeton St Cook ACT 2614 Australia

Sometimes, all you need is the right information and a little bit of motivation to get started towards your health and wellbeing goals. The Capital Chicks CANberra has been designed to do just that.

Whether you want to connect with other like-minded women, get fit, lose weight, prevent disease or just live healthier and happier – our online community and dedicated experts have you covered in a supportive and non-judgmental online environment.

Brought to you by Diabetes NSW and ACT and proudly funded by the ACT government through the Department of Preventative and Population Health.